My Name is Alexander.
Nice to meet you!

"What excites me most about photography is the constant challenge of capturing personalities and situations authentically. My goal is to create moods with my images and capture moments that are vivid and unique."

Ever since I held my first own camera in my hands in my childhood years, photography has accompanied me. For me, it is the perfect medium to get to know people better and to capture situations in an exciting and close way. After about 30 years as a freelance photographer, I have developed my own style for setting the scene for my subjects in an atmospheric way. This is how I give personalities a stage on which they can freely unfold and let special moments happen spontaneously – this is the only way to create individual and authentic images.

For my photo productions I have traveled around the globe. My range varies from portraits to industrial and business photos to fashion and sports shots. Are you interested in a collaboration? I’m excited for your inquiry and new challenges!

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